The best sex you’ll ever have, extra wet extra dirty extra rough all positions used, looked like a porno.
I had nasty sex last night, it was definitely the best I’ve ever had.
by Ballingballs May 14, 2022
When two people have sex and have a ugly redhead fuck her like J Beck
Beck was conceived during dirt nasty sex
by Ballerisc October 2, 2015
"farquar came over last night, we had a nice bottle of red wine, a few joints and nasty bum sex."
by frank pubes September 16, 2005
Sex so dirty and nasty that anything goes, and when its all said and done you feel like a used trick.
girl 1: How'd your date go last night?
girl 2: too good, we had dirty nasty trick sex.
girl 1: So you're too embarassed to see him again?
girl 2: Hell no, hes coming back over tonight.
by Daddy Fatsacks September 23, 2008