Nastay is a new level of nasty because it sounds like namaste, which is associated with yoga, which is associated with calm, which is what you aren't if something is extra nasty, so it becomes nastay
Person 1: did you know beastiality is legal in some states?
Person 2: That's Nastay!
by Un1c0rnn September 28, 2018
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Nastay os a word that describes something that is even worse than nasty.
Omg Cindy,that eggnog you bought is very nastay.
by Amanda_tyvm December 20, 2017
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Something you say when you see a car that is really beautiful to you
That Charger is super Nastay.
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Commonly said on That's So Raven. Meaning "gross" or "you sicken me".
"Hey I just got my appendix taken out! Want to see it?"
"No thanks! Ya Nastay..."
by jebmarie April 15, 2009
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