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Getting "Nashvilled" is a growing phenomenon in the city of Nashville, TN. The phenomenon occurs when a friend, old friend, acquaintance, Facebook friend, former work associate, someone you played a show with one time, or just some person you talked to at a party the night before, PRETENDS not to know who you are. Especially when you see them in a setting that is different from the context in which you met them (i.e. at a bar, while their working at starbucks, mutual friends party, etc...). It's not that they simply forgot who you are or that every self-involved douche in Nashville all of the sudden got dementia, it's that you have nothing to offer them (i.e. record deal) or that your not Hayden Panettiere or Ben Folds.

DISCLAIMER: NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH FACE BLINDNESS, in which a human has mental block to where they cannot remember faces.
Stan and Horace spot each other at Frothy Monkey Coffee shop, Stan looks down immediately and pretends not to see Horace...a few hours later Horace gets up and goes toward Stan.

Horace: Hey Stan, good to see you buddy, you look well.
Stan: (looks up from MacBook Air with a "confused" look): Have we met?
Horace: Yeah bro, we were roommates for like 3 semesters at Belmont.
Stan: (looks at Horace in silence, then at hipster friends who do not wear shoes inside buildings, and shrugs)
Horace: Am I getting nashvilled bro?....

Fast Forward 3 weeks later, Horace spots Stan again, and Stan immediately looks away. Horace, being an actual a Nashville native has nothing to prove and an has an understanding of BASIC SOCIAL ETIQUETTE, immediately walks over to Stan.

Horace: (thinking: surely he remembers me this time, I was the only person he knew at the party last night and we talked for over 3 hours)

Hey Stan, how are you?
Stan: I'm sorry do I know you?
Horace: WTF? am I being nashvilled by you again??....
by Nashvilled December 04, 2013
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