a narcoleptic; one who is frequently attacked by brief moments of deep sleep
what's wrong with you? I'm talkin' to you, what you narkin?
by Ilianivich March 15, 2003
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Complete and total ass.
Tells any figure of authority of illegal or bad activities.
John is a nark, he ratted us for havin pot!
by Led Head June 01, 2004
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Nark: a person who tells a person of authority about something you said and/or did.
Stupid nark told the cops about my three pounds of weed.
by ~Keyona January 09, 2004
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ok. a nark can eather be someone who tells the cops that you got drugs or a nark can be some looser.

you see that simpsons episode where homer tries to be a hippi? he called marge a Nark?

and, in the movie Goodfellas the guy gets busted for having all that spank buy a bunch of narks.
by Karl March 06, 2003
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The white version of saying "snitch"
Dude: Man 50 Cent is such a nark!
by Altai February 21, 2010
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An Arabian god probably from a different dimension who specializes in giving random orgasms to his followers. He has been known to have sex in the middle of the road during rush hour.
Person 1:"I'm a devote of Nark."
Person 2: *Orgasm*
by yourmaster480 April 04, 2011
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