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A girl who is incredibly tiny and is very adorable. You want to pick her up and hug her like a teddy bear.
She's SO Nari
by Ammy. November 07, 2008
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A nari is usually very sinful they will always make a innocent thing be viewed as vv dirty beware of them they are pretty crazy and will hit you with a shovel occasionally
This is a hard book
Nari: hard ? Hard like taes dick?
Wow you are such a nari -_-
by Nala howen February 14, 2017
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Nari's are normally red-headed with gorgeous eyes. Because they are red-heads, they are very hot-headed; don't get on the bad side of them!
Nari's are absolutely hilarious, and can crack the funniest jokes. Everyone loves Nari's!
I really love my Nari, but I got on the bad side of her and she nearly ripped my head off!
by deffinder April 12, 2011
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a name for a pair of girls being bitches, but they are all extremely hot with big asses, usually asked for nudes.
a pain in the ass
very special people who enjoy blowing and having unprotected sex
usually riding dick like a stallion
Guy: Look at them girls, they bein bitches
Other Guy: Yeah, I call em Nari, cause they hot

Guy: Ayyyy be my bitch

Guy: Those girls being a pain in the ass
Girl: Ugh I know, being Nari isn't a good thing

Guy: Dayummmm get me a piece of that ass
Other Guy: Yeah, Nari a hoe, i'm sure you gotta chance, they blow pretty well

Guy: Do you think Nari would ride me?
Other Guy: For sure, like a stallion
by bitchyoucan'tfuckwithme November 30, 2017
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