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Andriana is silly, genuine & a great friend who is always there to make you laugh. She has amazing humor and can be annoying at times. She can be your best friend and have you back, she is very patient with people she cares about when they do something she doesn't like. She lies that she isn't beautiful when she knows deep down she is. She has a sensitive self-esteem. Overall she is such a beautiful person with a beautiful personality.
Me: Where is Andriana shes like my whole life.
Friend: Just wait for an Andriana to come.
Me: I bought her on eBay yesterday.
by Your beeeasst Frend February 12, 2018
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A woman who is Creative and intelligent.and unique.She is untouchable. She is absolutly amazing. She has brown hair and brown eyes that are mischievous.She is in toich with her inner child and has a wild imagination.she embelishes herself with wings and fangs.. She is an enigma.
Look at her she icould never be Andriana
by Avery guys dream December 16, 2016
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is a genuis who act silly sometimes but is extremely funny. This person also says the best phrases which can make ur day.
genuis smart funny Andriana
by Noodle Rj Berger April 04, 2011
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a cool, fun loving girl who is really shy but once you get to know her, you will fall in love with her.
omg, have u met andriana?
she is so nice!
by mikayla12345 January 12, 2009
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likes giraffes. the biggest whore in the school she loves to be called alejandro durinf intercourse. she has the most STDs than anyone. dont even touch her. you WILL get aids! ha
"did you hear about alejandro?" "you mean the girl with aids?" "ya andriana"
by froggys January 06, 2012
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