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A term of frustration/aggravation. A fabulous substitution for a swear.
Narg! I forgot my books at school!
by Banditt April 18, 2008
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Short for "Not A Real Gentleman", originated at Cambridge I believe. Used to refer to a nerdy science type who has no interest in gentlemanly pursuits like rugger, drinking and shagging.
"I'm just off to the library to do some revision."

by mathew January 01, 2004
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N yar g, a word used when in a difficult situation or in a spontaneous urge in wanting to say Γ±arg
by Smallhammer001 October 21, 2018
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1) I agree, but I also don't care.

2) I didn't read/hear what you just typed/said, but I'll agree anyway.
"Dude, check this out!" Paul exclaimed.

"Narg," Kieran solemnly replied.
by Skyline Rescue Dart June 19, 2003
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1. A word used to rape someone's Facebook wall, specifically homosexuals

2. Zebras mating call
1. "NARG"

We just totally NARGED that kids wall

2. the zebra yelled out NARG and the mate just mounted it.
by Nargelton Williams July 27, 2010
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