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Married's who just can't help themselves but take their whinging offspring everywhere they go.

Specifically: quiet pubs, cosy restaurants and a plethora of other entirely unsuitable places.

They frequently bore everyone to death with their endless tales about their newborn(s) futile antics, but can't understand why you couldn't give a damn and not inconsequentially, saved up to come here for your anniversary/first date and would like them to leave asap FFS!!!

This transformation afflicts strangers (and former friends), who subsequently become increasingly insufferable, whilst longing for the life you have & hoping to make you suffer for it any way they can.

The absolute truth is that whilst you rock the mic, they're picking sh*t from under their fingernails. Eugh! They call it natural, we know it's nasty.
Bringing a toddler to a pub, is like taking a ghetto blaster to a library.

Damn those Nappy Happy fools!
by little-miss can't do wrong December 24, 2011
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as happy as a kid who just has had his nappy changed.
The time spent on the beach was awesome....i feel nappy happy every time i remember it.
by bangmyshoe April 17, 2011
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