A Naomi is a fantastic person. Sometimes she can be depressed but she gets over it quickly. She loves her friends! She can be idiotic sometimes. But she always tries to keep her friends happy. She laughs a lot. She's happy with her life. But she hates it when people bully her friends so trust me, you don't want to bully her friends or else! XD Naomi is great :) If her friends drop something she picks it up for them. When her friends need help all they find Naomi by their side. Be grateful if you have a Naomi. If you ever break her trust you'll have another chance. If you have a Naomi don't break her heart because she will never recover :( Naomi is extremely sensitive so don't make her cry ;( And Naomi LOVES BISCUITS with jam ;)
Person 1: Hey I need your help, Naomi?
Naomi: How can I help you, my friend?
Person 1: I'm having troubles with maths and you're really good at maths. Can you help me?
Naomi: Sure. ;)
by Biscuits_Jam April 23, 2017
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exotically splendid name for people of the female gender. The name is given to children who display unparalled beauty and intelligence. The name has also been known to be given to children that display Goddess-like qualities that surpass all mortal knowledge.
That child, who is named Naomi, is perfect in all ways.
#perfect #terrific #goddess #spledid #beautiful
gorgeous girl who usually hides lots of secrets inside her. but she'll always be there for you if you need her. She chooses her best friends over her boyfriends, and has a great sense of fashion. She usually falls for skater-scene rebel boys. She's very humorous, and she loves laughing. She wants to be everyone's friend. She loves alternative music, but will enjoy going to most concerts. Naomi is usually a daredevil, and is willing to take on any dare. However, she's also very smart, and loves helping the world.
Boy 1: "Man, i wish i could go out with a Naomi!"

Boy 2: "Keep wishing."
#naomi #gorgeous #wonderful #awesome #musical #smart #talented
by Dr. Naho March 17, 2017
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A girl who is pretty but doesn't fall for boys easily. She isn't into guys or people who pick their nose at all. She is nice to many people but hates people who are unfair. If she ever fell in love with a guy, it would be the boy who is not very popular because then it means more to them.
Naomi is a very fair young lady
by *BOOM*105424 November 03, 2016
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Naomi is the kind of person you want as a friend. She is loyal, kind, and funny. She always makes your day better and knows how to put a smile on your face. She is a very positive person. She is beautiful inside and out. If you have a Naomi in your life make sure to keep her in your life. She is a very outgoing person and will stand up for a friend. She always gives good advice. She loves her friends and her family. She is creative, fashionable, love able, smart, funny, beautiful, caring, outgoing, kind, loyal, brave, and positive.She is the perfect person to have as a best friend.
Person : wow did you see that girl Naomi

Person2: yeah she’s beautiful

Me: that’s my best friend
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Weird but wonderful and shy at times but loves a good party. Always looking attention because of her passion for beauty and an amazing friend
#Best friend goals. Naomi is perfect in almost all ways
by DORA127 February 16, 2017
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Naomi is a shy person but under the shyness, she is intensely fun. She is massively beautiful and brings together people around her. She has nice legs but rarely wears shorts. She has a nice smile as well.
"You see that girl, who writes a lot of notes cuz she is smart?" "Yeah why?"
"Her name is Naomi!"
by KingQueezy October 17, 2017
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Girl of your dream's that will stay by your side if you choose to stay by you. An overprotective person who is gentle and is one you cares for one another. If your the one for her and you choose to choose her she will choose you back and love you.
This is the Naomi I know and love!
Yo your such Naomi guys
by The DEEZ NUTS LORD SENPAI December 02, 2016
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