short for shenanigans, or could be used when someone is not telling you the truth
YOU: I swear I gave Cindy the Dirty Sanchez last night.

ME: I call NANS.
by CrustyNugget March 17, 2010
nan: noun
nan is short for nanny which is short for poonanny which is derived from punani.
nan, in a sentence, can be used in much the same way as nanny, and is commonly used when throwing duds.
"Last night, I got the nan!"
or in a sentence in dud form:
original sentence: "I hurt my hand..."
dud form response: "I hurt my nan..."
by The Nan Man October 19, 2011
The art of nanning nans. Nobody really knows what it means.
Guy: You're an idiot!
Me: Shut up or I will nan your nan!
by Your nan and her cat March 3, 2020
a sexual partner from another's bloodline commonly used in insults
Bill:"hey did you fuck that girl last night?"
jerry:"no but I fucked your nan"
by yol' cunt August 7, 2017
Similar to the more widely renound sexual practice of Dogging, Nanning is cropping up heavily around the industrial estates of North East London. Men flood to predefined meeting points in their vehicles, with their Nan's riding shotgun. The Nan's are then paraded amid the circle of parked cars, before being traded amongst the other men or 'Nanners'. The swapped Nan's are then sexually gratified on the car bonnets.
Hey Norris, do you fancy a spot of Nanning this evening?
by Tony Clifton May 11, 2006
Jerking off and then licking your hand clean of the lubricant and seminal fluids.
Dang, Johnny is a sick puppy, I caught him nanning after he jerked off!
by manly manning November 18, 2013
When he checked the skyrocketing price of Bitcoin, he realized his purchase was NaN.
by misterculture December 19, 2017