A nan is someone who is an inconsiderate retard who seems to have to idea what he is doing or what he strives to be doing. This word is not to be confused with its second tier variation, dirty nan,which is a way to show how somebody is practically a completely asshole.
Jack refused to share his lunchables with me. What a nan.

Jack slapped me for calling his sister hot. He is truly a dirty nan.
by Mr.pecker October 6, 2015
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Naner naner naner naner naner naner naner
Nan the nan in the nan of the nan
by Tirzah Sadie June 17, 2021
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Scottish for a old lady goat keeper who has promiscuous tendencies towards stroking nanny goats.
She's a right Nan Nan i.e weirdo
by Gemmagems January 3, 2017
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The largest number within all numbers, even surpassing infinity. Only YouTube is smart enough to use this number.
idot: How long is this video?
Youtube: Infinity :NaN: :NaN: :NaN:
by Eevee3900 October 26, 2019
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a british word for grandma. people usually sexualize the word "nan" and use it in various disturbing sentences.
by ice age baby April 4, 2020
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1. Not-a-Number. These result from operations which have undefined numerical results.

2. Used to describe something for which rad, unique, unprecedented, incredible and "out of the box" are understatements, because mathematically,

- NaN 'equal to' NaN is false

- NaN 'not equal to' NaN is true
Person 1: I have not seen any movie so incredible as the Inception or the Matrix.
Person 2: *Has to be*, both of them are NaN.
by GodKILLTHEMALL January 26, 2011
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