Naner naner naner naner naner naner naner
Nan the nan in the nan of the nan
by Tirzah Sadie June 17, 2021
Scottish for a old lady goat keeper who has promiscuous tendencies towards stroking nanny goats.
She's a right Nan Nan i.e weirdo
by Gemmagems January 3, 2017
a british word for grandma. people usually sexualize the word "nan" and use it in various disturbing sentences.
by ice age baby April 4, 2020
1. Not-a-Number. These result from operations which have undefined numerical results.

2. Used to describe something for which rad, unique, unprecedented, incredible and "out of the box" are understatements, because mathematically,

- NaN 'equal to' NaN is false

- NaN 'not equal to' NaN is true
Person 1: I have not seen any movie so incredible as the Inception or the Matrix.
Person 2: *Has to be*, both of them are NaN.
by GodKILLTHEMALL January 26, 2011
The largest number within all numbers, even surpassing infinity. Only YouTube is smart enough to use this number.
idot: How long is this video?
Youtube: Infinity :NaN: :NaN: :NaN:
by Eevee3900 October 26, 2019
Having your anus banned while the rest of yor body stays. Leads to eventual detachment and death.
You just got nanned.
by spooMz September 28, 2013