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1.Any type of alcoholic beverage

2.The act of getting drunk
Chris : "yo bro did you get the nake for Tammy 's get together later today?"
Seka : " yeah bro bro i got gin and vodka ... we're getting soooooo nake tonight"
by Chris BuenoΕ₯ October 30, 2017
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(v) To shed all clothing; to become or make naked
I was starting to nake before my shower when the dog jumped through the window into the bathroom.
by transylvanian bakers October 05, 2005
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1. Showing up without clothing or covering; being naked when you arrive.
If you go to a beach in Europe, better be nakes just in case.
by lionzub November 22, 2006
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An action verb which describes the act of taking off all your clothes and dancing around another person. For added effect, you should wipe your hands all over the other person to emphasize your presence.
"Watch out; I'm gonna NAKE you!"
by G- Dude January 17, 2012
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A person who changes their personality around different people usually in a sneaky way. Also known as a weasel.
Dang that guy was a straight up nake. Did you see how he was talking about her behind her back.
by Sir Jeremy April 21, 2008
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