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1. In the English language, an instance of the word "this" which lacks a referent, i.e. some other word which explains what the "this" in question refers to. Lacking a referent, the "this" is thus "naked" and may prove confusing to the reader or listener, since they do not know precisely to what the writer or speaker is referring.
Sue: I really hate this.

John: Really hate what? You employed a "naked this" there so I don't know what you are talking about.

Sue: Oh, well excuse me, Mr. University of Dickishness. Fine. I hate this Grammar Nazi kick you've been on lately. Is that better, fuckface?

John: Well, yes and no.
by The Worst Genie April 04, 2011

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a crime-fighting werewolf fish in multiple fictional universes.
Q: Who will save our fair city from this wave of crime?

A: There's only one hope - we must call Wookin Pa Nub.
by The Worst Genie June 04, 2009

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