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Is an Arabic unisex name, but it is usually given more to a girl.

The most beautiful, unique, pure and full of emotions person you'll ever meet. Najwans are enthusiastic, affectionate, loyal, trustworthy,cute and sexy. They are very sarcastic and funny.

They are always outgoing and love to make friends.
They never care about what other people think of them, they do what they like. Najwans fight for what they think is right and defends those that are too shy to defend themselves.
Najwans are rare and have great personality. He/She gives hope to others and can always brighten your day. He/She is very romantic and sensitive.
He/She gives meaning to your life. You'll find yourself becoming more and more addicted to his/her presence. If you fall in love with him/her you won't be able to stop.
oh look its Najwan ;)
by thisislife December 30, 2012
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Najwan means a very handsome guy and masculine, every girls will addicted to her, he suitable with girl name farah because their chemistry is nothing but grear
Exp- oh my god, im addicted with najwan
by Lollyiii July 28, 2017
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