A name of a smart beautiful smart girl meaning a star.
OMG!Did u see Najma today she is a star.
by Danita November 7, 2018
Najma is an arabic word and in english it will translate to star.Najma is a beautiful girl who is smart and caring.
Me:Hey Najma,come over here
by HILOWPICLOW April 8, 2019
She is one of the most prettiest girl you’ll know, she’s so smart... she’ll have a lot of leadership positions in your school and she’s known to be amazing. The name means star . She’s also one if the most kind-hearted person you’ll ever meet
New girl: hi my name is ____
no one in class cares

Najma: ohh heyy, how are you ? I’m Najma, its nice to meet you

New girl: omgg thats so sweet of you... i felt really ignored when no one cared about me
by Renesmee June 14, 2019
Najma is a very feminine woman who carries herself in a very graceful n gentle manner she loves art, is very nurturing, is wiser then she looks, an introvert, loves to cook n bake and loves Allah.
Hey gorlll thank you for being so patient with me.
Najma: no problem take your time
by Pure bliss July 6, 2021
Najma is a beautiful girl, kind, funny. So funny, everyone will have a stomach ache because of her jokes. She always harbor her feeling. She always look fine on the outside but break on the inside.
Julia: omg my stomach hurts because i laugh too much at najma's jokes. HAHAHAHAH
by Veronica Lim November 8, 2018
Najma that has a sense of humour and is hilarious very sexy is slim Thick Beautiful woman looks chubby but is it really chubby and most Najma's are Artist and very successful in life
Najma You will make me pee my pants I can't stop laughing
by Fartuun February 26, 2017
The name of a beautiful young woman also means star
i wish i could look like najma
by Najma March 18, 2005