A Naja is a beautiful and amazing girl that will make u melt when you see her. She is really kind and always is willing to help out with anything. She is very open and easy to talk to with a weirdly attractive sense of humor. She has the most beautiful eyes in this whole world. I could just sit and stair at them for hours on end because they are just so beautiful. And don’t even get me started on her hair, omg her natural curly hair is so amazing and perfect. She is definitely the one but watch out because if you get in a relationship you will be stuck in a trance wonder how you could ever make her yours.
“Omg she is so amazing it’s not fair to other girls
“She is so nice I wish I could be a Naja”
“She doesn’t know how lucky he is to be with her”
by Tommyishere May 15, 2019
A very beautiful girl. She is also smart, caring and sweet. She has a lot of talents and she is especially good at drawing. She is nice to her friends and she always supports them and cheer them up. If you're her enemy, you better watch out because she is a shadowhunter; trained to kill demons and other evil creatures. Same goes if you're a bully (because shadowhunters protect people). She is a qualified fangirl. She is known for her good looks and beautiful body and same goes for her wonderful personality. She likes music and is a good singer and dancer herself too. She is sometimes compared to a k-pop idol.
She is as beautiful as Naja.
I wish I could draw like Naja. She is so talented!
by prabatai April 16, 2018
An beautiful, funny, playful, smart girl also the girlfriend of an Haitian. Don't fuck with her unless you want to die.
Boy 1: Who is that?
Boy 2: Oh don't mess with her thats Naja. It comes with consequences!!!
by The Coon 5009 March 14, 2017
Naja is when you are extremely pretty and everyone is jealous because of the prettiness.
Omg that girl is so Naja, I'm so jealous!
by 2003girl July 6, 2017
Naja is a girl with lots of pains. But she hides her tears with her attractive smile and small hunting eyes. She release her tears while bathing and before sleeping. She loves everyone but she hide it from them. She care for others pain. So, she try to hide her feelings. She loves to chat with her beloved ones but get rejected. Get noticed if you've hurt her feelings for once,you can google how to stop crying. If you are good to her she will protect you from death. If you are bad she will take you to death...
Naja can be trusted
by AngelThomaspaul November 30, 2021
Naja loves TikTok. She's a vert nice girl, who's shy at first, but when you get to know her she's the craziest.
She is smart, caring, sweet, nice to everybody, supporting and funny AF.
OMG! That's Naja.
No, cause she so ugly
by horsegirl321 November 18, 2019
She Is one of the craziest , funny and weirdest friend you will even meet . She catches attitudes but if you get to meet her you will actually like her .
Get chu a Najae
by Coolkidd_ March 16, 2017