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The most intelligent, sweet, nice, beautiful, and sexy person you can ever meet. They are amazing but hard to get. If you ever get a chance with a Nahomy take it because she will make your life the best.
That girl is so cute, tall, and so nice, I bet her name is Nahomy.

Damn that girl in that dress is beautiful, and her name is Nahomy.

How much would I wish I had a chance with Nahomy I feel like she is the best girlfriend ever.
by CristhianB. May 04, 2016
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You may be on the quiet side,but you're kind, conscientious,and totally reliable. If anyone needs anything, you are so there! You can tell a lot about people just by watching what they do. You are a practical and traditional kind of person.
Nahomy is the a true friend.
by lol2727 December 23, 2014
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