Rawest Persian girl you’ll ever meet.
Nahal is so raw ..I wish she was my shorty
by Pimpdiddy September 20, 2020
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Nahal stands for rivers also highest in the cast system (Jatt) they are brave, strong and very upfront a Nahal would always stand up for what’s right they also are very sexy
That Nahal is very sexy
by P1ayer November 24, 2021
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South Asian girl name

origin: Iranian, Indian, Arabic

All Nahal's are beautiful, hot, and exotic
"Nahal is so beautiful"
by Nala , Nali, Nahi, Nini February 18, 2023
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Have you seen that Nahalle chick shes such a hoe
by Gruehdbf February 7, 2016
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A nasty ass shithole that is the equivalent of hell. Sometimes you will hear, wtf are you doing misha. If you want to go to the nursing home for pedophiles, it’s there with Misha as the leader
I hate Nahalal, it’s so bad.
by No...A...are u kiddin me September 23, 2019
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Nahal is so positive,overvibed , lovable and also loves a girl from hill top named joona
Nahal is a raw material , Nahal is a free guy
by Future kid November 25, 2021
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