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A very pretty, silly, intelligent, wise girl that's always there to help ANYONE! Nadya's tend to have super sexy hair and legs
They are really into rock music, and tend to dress uniquely: like combination of a boho hipster.
They don't really listen to mainstream music and are really aware of the environment!

Nadya's don't get butt hurt at all but there are some things that she does not tolerate, like bull shit. They are fun to mess around with and be with. Even though they are very down to earth and open minded, they don't really care what other people think about them.
Everyone secretly loves her whether they show it or not.
Ex. 1. Person 1: dam Nadya sure wears a lot of cool bracelets
person 2: Yeah that's just the way she is!

Ex.2. Jason: Nadya is just so weird, but at least she's herself.
by Jasonisthedawg April 28, 2011
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An absolutely awesome person whom everybody loves. Is intelligent, pretty, and funny. She also tends to enjoy making random videos. She is one of those people who is into rock music and also some pop and alternative. She hates romantic movies and all of that lovey dovey stuff. If you ever meet a Nadya, better to take her to a comedy or an action/adventure movie. An incredibly great and cool person all around.
Person 1: Wow, Nadya is just so cool!
Person 2: I know, I wish I could be like her.
by Heyya January 04, 2014
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Old Slavic in origin, Nadya literally means "hope." Known to strangers for her flirty overtones, she's otherwise picky and/or indecisive with her love life.
Hey, there's Nadya. She's looking amazing.
by apdp February 04, 2010
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adorable, random, girl you dream about, one of a kind b*tch! that wifey type niggaaaa, sexy hair
girl: you're hot
boy: throws drink and you're not..
boy you ain't nadya hoe!
by larousse234 February 18, 2011
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Nadya is usually a girl with a heart of gold and constantly changing hair colours. Nadya’s don’t really realise their own beauty or how loveable they can be. They love inside jokes and making fun of people and have an affinity for hand sanitizer and always know other people’s time tables. They have very clever mothers and fathers that eat all their chocolate. They are kind and helpful but can also be crazy.
Nadya’s friend: What lesson is next?
Nadya: SCIENCE!!!
by Nellthebunny November 25, 2018
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A reference to a pretty turkish girl who is usually of the sorts of Scene/Emo. She also sits on the verge of love.
That girl is so "Nadya ", she does'nt know where she belongs or who she loves.
by dherib December 31, 2008
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A sexy hot bitch. She can be fucked but loves it only if I don’t mess up her hair
by Nadya j May 29, 2018
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