A pretty girl who is adventures,kind to all others unless you get on her bad side. Smiles to almost everything. Loves to be active and very funny and intelligent. And is not afraid of doing things weird thing in front of people
Have you met Nadeen yet?
by selena love September 7, 2018
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A dedicated soccer chick who flirts with guys in her spare time. While being unique in clothing and personality she tends to be a bit brilliant in the brain area. This girl makes friends easily unless she find a reason not to like someone, she loves to talk also.
Guy: Damn! Have you ever seen a girl like that?
Other Guy: Nope, that's why they call her Nadeen.
by Nadeen Saleh January 10, 2009
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Nadeen is the most perfect person you’ll ever meet. She has the most beautiful smile ever, hair that’s mesmerizing, eyes that sparkle with beauty. She’s a bit shy but only around people she doesn’t know when she’s comfortable with you there’s not a second that goes by where you’re not smiling. She listens to you even when what ur saying might be boring and never complains about it only when she’s joking HAHAHAHA. Nonetheless, If you find someone like Nadeen hold on tight to them, never let them go because they’re like a shooting star that only passes by once. But you won’t find a person like Nadeen cuz she’s mine and no words can describe her ever except that she’s my world. - NART
Nadeen is my love
by Nartyy June 21, 2022
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a badass chick who is very sexy. if u get to know her she really kind and is really clever and all boys want her. She’s hard to find, it’s really rare to find someone like nadeen. She dresses like a hoe and rocks everything she wears
oh wow look at nadeen

god i can’t stop looking at her she really hot 🥵
by Ohshiiiiiit November 14, 2019
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a slang term used in the south west region of the United States used to describe any of the following characteristics: beautiful, smart, easy-going, adventurous and often an easy person to be used around. this term can also be used to replace near any nice or positive adj with the exceptions of words that would be used in a derogatory or insensitive manor.
person 1: bro, who's that girl over there?

person 2: i dont know her name, but everyone says she's a total nadeen!
by Dgaf-nation October 24, 2011
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she has the biggest tits u will ever see and the most volumptious ass in the world. if your name is nadeen then you are every man’s desire.
woah her ass is so big she must be nadeen
by monster767 November 23, 2021
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agent uno in a secret organization of five dollar gypsey hookers.
ewwww did you see that gypsey,? she's sucha nadeen!
by iSFMWb. November 26, 2007
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