A child who is malicious and evil and will stop at nothing to hurt someone.
Reagans devil child tripped her down the stairs and she has four broken ribs and a dead uterus.
by gutter and gore April 20, 2008
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a nickname of girls who don't sleep at all....
kate is one devil child, that ho was up all night long
by That_just_happened February 19, 2007
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the child of your ignorant cousin who acts like the devil himself and acts as though everything in the world is his to take.
There he goes now! The Devil Child is loose!
by hamburg January 3, 2008
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A child who does terrible things on purpose to hurt or harm someone.
by Penissniffers November 24, 2017
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A certain female who causes damage to people both physically and mentally and will bite, scratch, shoot, pinch, kick, punch, ECT just to cause pain to people because she is absolutely obsessed with causing pain to people and ruining their lives.
And... most likely has AIDS.
that Devil Child ruined my life!
by Goganthian May 2, 2008
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Natalie the devil child is a person who is rude and very sassy to all other humans around her and will do anything for attention. She think the world only revolves around her and when thing aren't going her way she will flip.
"Uhg it's natalie the devil child I hope she doesn't come over here."
by walace June 21, 2017
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Daniel the devil is a child who is known for his heinous acts of mischief and he enjoys watching others pain. His mother is believed to have been born in the depths of hell and she is known as the real life lady death.
Daniel the Devil child will always be looked at as an example of the statement: Hell on Earth
by Epic Games Tech Support December 25, 2019
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