Never Say Anything means to keep quiet when being interrogated or questioned.
John was informed to NSA if captured by the enemy.
by Theodore Butler December 20, 2005
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The N. S. A is a American security agency. N. S. A literately stands for national security agency.
The N. S. A investigated the crime.
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by Carbon monoxide vs Strichen November 25, 2018
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A crew of skinheads and punks Antifas formed in Spain, must of them support the anarchist movement and philosophy as their view and cure for all the frustrating realities we live day by day. A crew with a very strong opposition against prejudice and racism of any kind and will do anything it's necessary to erase hate groups formed by so called skinheads better known as bonehead in the underground punk rock scenes around the world.
Seguiremos peleando una vez mรกs sin olvidar quien es nuestro rival, que nos recuerda que somos antinazis . NSA
by Another smartbooty July 03, 2018
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