Created in 1952 by Truman and his cabinet, the NSA was, and still is one of the most if not the most secretive agency in our country. In 1982 (or so) its cover was blown by a book called The Puzzle Palace, finally a glimpse inside the workings inside the nations most elusive security workings. Great read, pick it up sometime.
NSA - No Such Agency
by jp+jj December 10, 2004
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To know something private about someone or read his/her thoughts
A: So, I guess you're thinking about her again?
B: Dude, stop NSA-ing my mind!
by sogneerin January 18, 2014
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narcissist spectrum asshole NSA

someone (most typically male) who has been group diagnosed and thus medically confirmed by dating females as falling anywhere along the dial between garden variety and full blown narcissist sociopath/psychopath.

if you don’t know what a narcissist is, or these other hijacked psychology terms suggest you ref urban dictionary, top ten signs you are dating one on website blogs or any one of a growing number of Instagram accounts set up by the NSA conglomerate to explain what the hell is going on. This network has single handedly defined the grail most psychologists can only grasp at. They equip themselves and others by banding together and getting the communication out there

Diagnoses may include multiple stops along the personality disorder rainbow. Toxic masculinity and male entitlement over many millennia seem in part to play a role in this disease series
client: do you think I’m the reason I’m miserable? maybe I just need to look more at myself and get back into my hobbies and stop blaming and criticizing him -gets up to leave the session
veteran1: see how you aren’t trusting yourself! get me a Starbucks in here stat
veterans2: no, please sit down. all our combined notes have identified you are in a trauma bond with a level 3 NSA with multiple personality disfunctions. we’re prescribing this blog and a heavy dose of trusting yourself and other veterans. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY
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by williet hughnot December 01, 2019
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Allegedly the most powerful of all security agencies in the United States. That's probably why you don't here of it as much. The NSA's existence was at one point denied, just like Area 51's. But we all know that it exists. The NSA is the least discussed agency in popular culture. (In other words, movies and video games rarely touch upon the NSA. The 'spies' always work the CIA or FBI.
Sam Fisher works for the NSA

Fuck these stupid 'spy' movies, like Spy Kids, or Cody Banks. They suck dick!
by halo55555@hotmail.com July 02, 2005
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Stands for No Secrets in America. The NSA is a large "secret" organization in America designed to accustom us to the concept of the Thought Police, so that when they do actually take over the world and implement absolutely totalitarian policies every citizen will already have been lulled into mindlessness and the illusion that Everything is Going to Be Allright.
(It's not.)

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, hide yo husband...cuz the NSA be spyin' on everyone out there!
by Thornshadow August 19, 2013
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No Strings Attached; no obligations
A term used by a person to highlight the fact that this person, who is looking for fun or something else, does not want to bond closely/emotionally.
"I'm single, and looking for NSA-fun"
by RødGrødmedFløde May 28, 2015
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