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TYPE ITANIMULLIU INTO GOOGLE .. see what happens :)

Welcome to the National Security Agency - NSA/CSS

United States National Security Agency
National Security Agency/Central Security Service Public Information.

Careers - Mission - About NSA - Opportunities for You is a National Security Agencies website ...

Nov 19, 2009 - 10 posts - 8 authors
so check this out. take the word illuminati and spell it backwards. you will get itanimulli . now take the backwards spelling and make it ...
by janloveaalaugh April 02, 2014
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Illuminati written backwards. They are the opposite of the Illuminati, have good intentions, and their symbol is simply that of Illuminati's upside-down, and blue.
The Itanimulli are organizing a plan to stop world hunger!
by DerpyCoal May 22, 2016
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