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A spy is an agent sent in for espionage. Spies are rarely what they are in movies. They aren't kids like those lameass movies Spy Kids or Cody Banks. Cody Banks was fucking lame and inaccurate. CIA agents don't work inside the U.S. James Bond is a cool spy.
Sam Fisher is probably the only accurate spy depicted in fiction, or at least closest to accurate.
by halo55555@hotmail.com July 2, 2005
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Dihydrogen Monoxide is a prevalent compound that is the key ingredient in most pesticides. DHMO contributes to environmental hazards such as acid rain, the greenhouse effect, and soil erosion. DHMO poisoning causes a sometimes fatal electrolyte imbalance in the bloodstream, and can cause excessive sweating, increased urination, and sometimes vomiting. Dihydrogen Monoxide also reacts explosively with alkaline earth metals such as lithium, sodium, potassium etc.
Prolonged, unprotected exposure to solid DHMO, or inhaling it can be fatal.
Despite these dangers, DHMO is used ubiquitously by industries, and is readily available to the public.
Join the fight, and help get this troublesome, and potentially lethal chemical banned.
by halo55555@hotmail.com October 1, 2006
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Though it's scientific name is Dragostea Din Tei, this virus is more commonly known as Numa Numa in North America. The virus enters through your ears, gets absorbed into your bloodstream, and attacks the brain. The virus cripples your judgement over good music, and you begin to love crazy techno-pop.
Dude #1: WTF is wrong with this guy?
Dude #2: He's come down with a severe case of Numa Numa.
by halo55555@hotmail.com July 5, 2005
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An incredibly hilarious, and SATIRICAL film created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It parodies modern America's overzealous actions in foreign countries, and their governments incredibly imperialist, and destructive nature. If you haven't seen this movie you are an asshole, and you must see this movie right now! Stop reading and watch this movie! America, FUCK YEAH!
Team America:World Police is a fucking awesome movie, but if you don't appreciate for its satirical value, than you're a prick. This movie isn't just about swearing, sex, and pointless violence, it's about swearing, sex, and pointless violence with a message! Remember, Freedom isn't Free. It costs a buck 'o' five!
by halo55555@hotmail.com July 2, 2005
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Allegedly the most powerful of all security agencies in the United States. That's probably why you don't here of it as much. The NSA's existence was at one point denied, just like Area 51's. But we all know that it exists. The NSA is the least discussed agency in popular culture. (In other words, movies and video games rarely touch upon the NSA. The 'spies' always work the CIA or FBI.
Sam Fisher works for the NSA

Fuck these stupid 'spy' movies, like Spy Kids, or Cody Banks. They suck dick!
by halo55555@hotmail.com July 2, 2005
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