A universal argument that can't be beaten; When an individual exuberantly states "NOOOO!!!11" with a loud and at dictative manner, while exceedingly flaring their nostrils and straightening their mouth"
Sam: My shoes are black

Cameron: NOOO!!!

Sam: Oh my god you're right they're not. my bad.

Cameron: NOOO!!!!

Sam: too far

Cameron: NOOO!!!

Sam: Okay im wrong

Cameron: NOOO!!!

by MrTronicMusicc April 7, 2011
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by 7oSeven December 24, 2020
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when you try to get away from another definition because your on a school computer
bEcKy: I just ate some lettuce
janice: nooo that's bad for your child
by Diddlydarnitydoo March 6, 2019
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The act of pushing a human being away to make them uncomfortable or just get your way
“Where’s your 21 and over bracelet” “NOOO
by Noooo nooo no no May 8, 2019
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That looks nasty; or that persons face is nasty.
"Hey, Kevin wanna talk 2 you", Oooh Nooo
by Taylor November 25, 2003
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Means no just dont even ask why just go buy your girlfriend flowers and go get a bucket of ice cream not for her but for you cause you might get dumped you made a mistake
Guy: can I go out with my friend Jenna?

Girlfriend: uhhhhhh nooo
Guy: but..
Girlfriend: do you want to ask??
Guy: nooo....
by Chloe the crazy one May 19, 2014
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