This is used when something bad happens, or doesn't go your way.
Has to be said quietly to work effectively.
Opposite of this is...eeee yess
Euan: "Changing room 3 is locked"

Me: "eeee nooo" *sad*
by Kier14matrix June 6, 2005
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Pronunciation: five-seven-two-six-NO

1. Your reaction when your very expensive watch breaks, or especially, falls down from a bridge into the water.

Etymology: From the name of Reference 57260, the world’s most complicated watch. The watch was invented by Vacheron Constantin, a watch and clock manufacturer founded in 1755.

Usage notes: The letter "O" may be repeated any number of times.
George: 5726-NOOO!!!!
Amelia: What’s wrong?
George: Are you blind?!?! My precious, $1,000,000 watch just fell into the river!!!
by Yamato Yamamoto June 14, 2022
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An exclamation of despair or disbelief employed by those of Scottish descent may often be used to identify those attempting to hide or obfuscate a Scottish accent.
Dave: “WTF, You have just accidently sent me a picture of Vegeta bumming Goku”

Gerry: “Ach Nooo”
by Bruce Danger Stallion March 8, 2006
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usually something you say when you're mocking yourself and the way you want things to go, but just end up getting disappointed instead.
Guy: I was supposed to go to Betsy's house and grab some tea, But Nooo. Caroline just had to kick me out!
by Fawnyiie October 22, 2023
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