"NO OPPS" Is a small gang located in Toronto Ontario. "NO OPPS" was created on 2018-10-13. The founder's where a bunch of 15-year old's with connections to another popular gang "BIBI GANG". The founding members went to David Suzuki Secondary School. "NO OPPS" has become a popular gang because of beef with the local "Crips". Currently, there are over 100 "NO OPPS" member across Toronto. The numbers are rapidly growing as we speak. They rep the colour purple and use a lot of Toronto slag.
Yoo fham you part of No Opps?

Ohhh shit his rocking No Opps DASH!!!

Yoo fham he got a Glock CUT!!!
by No Opp Member November 14, 2018
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Anyone in competition or against you.

Mainly used and originated in chicago
All i see is opps in here
by trip93 February 07, 2014
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Like bop bop bop at a opp or opp thot
Let any opp try me bet any opp drop
by OhTrap300 November 21, 2013
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A slang used in Chicago,cali,Kansas City mo meaning oppisition other people other side the enemy.
"For Kobe squad it's fuck the opps and kill all my enemy's "-G Herbo
by Kc street nigga February 20, 2017
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An opp is the opposition. Kind of like the crips and the bloods.
Yo Slickz ima go hunting for opps tonight.
by DuskVXI August 11, 2016
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