A education program proudly promoted by our "Bush for brains" President, whereby he guarantees that no child will be left behind. This is easily accomplished since he plans to make sure that no child will be advancing either.
Bush wants to make sure that no child gets left behind and ends up getting missundereducated like him.(See missunderestimated)
by JOE September 29, 2003
An education "PLAN" by Bush, that cuts funding of underperforming schools. what is underperforming? a school with test results under 100%. Schools with test results of 100%:
Schools with test results under 100%:
All of them.
Children Left Behind:
Children benifiting
Results of NCLB
USA 49th in literacy
High School diploma as good as toilet paper in landing a job.
by Mediaptera February 16, 2005
Another one of Dubya's mistakes. The biggest bullshit program ever instituted in the history of the United States, aside from maybe the Draft. While participating in No Child Left Behind, the lessons you will be taught are dumbed down so children like George W. Bush can be pushed through the school year. Too bad the advanced students have to deal with the remedial bullshit too.

We couldn't have the remedial, general, and advanced classes anymore, can we?
Worker: I had to deal with No Child Left Behind, now I work at a gas station.

Governer: I was elected governer because I had the best grades out of my high school class, a whopping 1.7 GPA!

Random Citizen: De De DEE! I are smart! No child left ahead really worked for me!
by The Last Gunslinger April 22, 2006
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All of the above/below, plus, buried in the bill for NCLB is a section that allows the military to access allllllllll your high school records.

But it isn't unconstitutional yet because you can opt out. Of course, Fox would never ever tell you this.
If you're in high school, opt the fuck out at www.militaryfreezone.org
by Ixx March 22, 2005
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A fucked up educational system made up by who other than that dumb fuck "President" George Dubya Bush. This system was said to help students but
still about 50 percent of kids are droppin out of school,
most kids get A's for ass and
the only kids benifitting from it are rich white kids.
No Child Left Behind is more like No Rich Child left Behind. Damn Bush is the dumbest fuckin' retarded bitch ass craka in the whole fuckin world!
by MayaEA April 24, 2006
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Otherwise known as "No Child Left In The Behind". George W. Bush passed this law as a means to ensure that ass babies are born by means of mandatory c-sections.

As George W Bush was an ass baby, he has often acknowledged that he was one of the few who are successfully born without intervention. This was due to his father, George H. W. Bush having had much experience with rough gay sex, and having a texas-sized asshole. However, since Bush understands that this is not often the case with ass babies, he passed this law. On the passing of this law, Bush has commented "Every child has the right to life, should they be born from a vagina, or from a gay man's ass. If an anal c-section is what it takes to protect this right, then so be it. I think we Americans can all agree that we want no child left in the behind."

Many people are misinformed and think that the law has something to do with the pointless standardized tests now facing the American education system. This is all a government conspiracy designed to keep the public blind about the plight of the homosexual male population.
Jim: Hey Bob, what do you think about the No Child Left Behind law?

Bob: I think it's wrecking our school system. Kids could be learning about useful things instead of taking those pointless tests.

Jim: Huh? The No Child Left Behind law has nothing to do with education, it is supposed to ensure that ass babies are born successfully.

Bob: Well that's disgusting. Why the hell did you ask me?

Jim: I found out about my ass pregnancy today.

Bob: Well that sucks. My boyfriend has it too, I hope the c-section won't cause any permanent damage.
by tx_metalhed999 July 6, 2010
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A program that was started by Clinton. Yes, Clinton. Everyone blames Bush, but he enforced it while Clinton started it.
Person 1: Wow, bush is a moron for that no child left behind.
Person 2: Clinton started that, dumbshit.
by Hipponater October 6, 2006
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