Nudist Noodle Seasoners.
by NNS06 July 28, 2011
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NN means "no-name" in hvh speak. For example when you kill someone better than you, you would say: "LOL get 1d retarded nn ur mad."

NN is usually used by a bunch of nns calling each other nns.

It is also used by 5 queue ragers in non prime. For example in a 1v5 mm hvh when they kill you:

Rager 1: 1 nn
Rager 2: bad refund
Rager 3: lol cant be a real p2c
Rager 4: 11111111
Rager 5: uid? uid? uid?

You: Are you guys retarded or do you not realize you are this thing called losing.
Lol get 1'd nn.
by Doggo Dogenstein December 23, 2019
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nn literially means night night, but maybe used as "cya"
nn cf, i dreame of you or nn cf i'm off out.
by Zeb August 27, 2003
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Simply means no namer. A no namer is a person that no one other knows. Mainly used online and in communities, many people toss the word around for not being well-known and having no friends.
Person 1: Hey guys how is everyone doing here?
Person 2: Nobody knows you, stupid nn.
Person 3: Facts, he's a nn.
by d e e z n u t s January 7, 2018
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usually calling someone Noname. Or in the HVH CS someone New or Unknown on the server.
by Ziti April 9, 2020
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Two letters used in various alphabetic shorthand systems and slang abbreviations. For example:

1. In short form messaging, "nn" is a stand in for "night night".
2. In law, it's shorthand for "notes" or "footnotes".
3a. In some MMORPGs, it's typically shorthand for "no need" ...3b. Not to be confused with its rare use in data entry as shorthand for "need".
4. In data entry, this is usually shorthand for "Nōmen Nesciō", aka "No Name", to indicate an anonymous or unknown identity.
5. In anatomical notes, it may be used as shorthand for "nerves" (versus "n" for the singular).
1. "Gotta run. nn. xoxo. ttyl. <3"
2. "Defendant was dead at the time (see NN)."
3a. "Trading Sabertooth Gunblade Whip of Light. NN gil / glimmered blood echo orbs!!!"
3b. "Client req followup. NN new TPS reports."
4. "NN caller. Rated 3 stars."
5. "illegible handwriting NN illegiblesquiggly line
by UrbanePictionary February 27, 2019
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short for "no need" this is trading slang in the game Diablo 2 for I do not require any of the items you have shown me, a "ta" after indicates that the quality of said items is high and that you simply do not require them , a nn noob means that you think the items are poor
"nn ta" or "nn noob"
by Dark512 January 5, 2004
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