A weapon that resembles that of a gun crossed with a sword, used by characters in Final Fantasy 8.

The hilt of the Gunblade is actually an enlarged gun grip, complete with trigger and cylinder. A large sword extends from where the barrel should be. The tip of the Gunblade has no exit hole, and therefore fires no projectile. Instead the ammo is some sort of kenetic-based explosive that when fired, charges the blade and allows it to do more damage while striking.

Only two known "real world" working Gunblades have been made based on the Final Fantasy weapon design. It is still unknown how the mechanics of the ammunition work in these.
"Ahh finally, a Gunblade Specilist."
---Headmaster Cid
by Jin Saotome January 9, 2004
The greatest piece of literature ever written by modern man. A Final Fantasy VIII novelization written by a man known as Peptuck, who took a game that was rudimentary at best and turned it into the best piece of literature ever.
The Gunblade Saga can be found on fanfiction.net under the pen name Peptuck
by Lionheart811 August 30, 2006