Nice Cock” is usually said when a male sees another males genitals and congratulates them for it. Usually men named Luke, Nick or Adam say this frequently.
Adam: *shows his penis*
Luke and Nick: HEY NICE COCK
by RasclutUNO April 30, 2020
1- A friendly way to greet another with class.
2- Something you say right before shanking/wrecking someone in FPS games.
1- "Hey Sara, nice cock"
2- sneaks up behind someone in Tarkov, ready to absolutely destroy some noob. Gets within whispering distance to the target and, right before ending this pathetic worm's existence, says over the mic"nice cock" then as the target is startled and confused out of its mind, free its soul from the physical form it has been confined in.
by DeadDinoDude February 24, 2021
Nice cock means a guy with a huge cock and is not gay
by I eat cok July 24, 2020
something you yell at some dude on the sidewalk when you drive by him in the car.
"HEY!...NICE COCK!" (drive away)
by natematt30 October 16, 2008
When all of your homies have big cocks but that one friend does not so you say Hey Bro NICE COCK.
Jim"I have the biggest cock"
Jeff"I also have a big cock"
Fred"Naw fam I have the biggest cock in all the land"
Harold"My cock is ok i guess"
Bill"My cock is small guys"
Everybody else than Bill"Show us"
Bill"See what did I say"
Everybody else than Bill"HEY BRO NICE COCK"
by Axe_Efficiency October 28, 2020
Nice Cock
Sonic: "Nice Cock!"
by aerliutgf October 2, 2020