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Next Generation Wrestling.

Pronounced: N-G-Dub or N-G-W

A complete bust or failure in the wrestling industry.

To understand you must have a brief history:
NGW was founded in an old basement. Some say it was founded as early as 2004, but its official logo wasn't released until 2005. The creators wrote a huge storyline that would consist of several Pay-Per View Events.

Wrestlers Included:

Big Daddy
Dope Show
GKO (IC Champ)
The American Destroyer
The Docta of Economics
The Minority (a jobber)
Thug Nasty (World Champ)
The Riz
The Silent Assassin (refused to take part in speculation)
The Total Package

Grizzly Mills was not originally part of NGW but he did fight GKO in a "Bad Blood" match. Although "Bad Blood" was not officially apart of NGW, those who considered it apart of NGDub claim it was the greatest match of all time. A legend in its own.

In the storyline, some time in, Thug Nasty and Big Daddy were rumored to join forces and become Big Nasty Inc. This would have made fore the greatest tag team of all-time had it happened.

Because NGW had the wrestler Dope Show and because of his condition, NGW was considered one of the first handicap friendly wrestling organizations.

NGW wrestlers had a photo shoot and even selected entrance music and attire.

Although large plans were made for the wrestling corporation including plans of Fosters sponsoring them, the corporation never had a single match.

Possibly one of the biggest busts of all time in wrestling.
Wow, he is a terrible wrestler, he must be from NGW.
by Joe Classon March 23, 2010
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Non Gay Way

Another way of saying No Homo
John - Oh John, I was about to say something very fun that involved you, but now I'm not going to. NGW
by Flatkin March 31, 2010
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To refer to anything you love but in a Non-Gay Way (NGW). There is nothing wrong with loving your fellow man or woman, so express that love in a NGW. Metaphorically blends our happy lives.
"Hey Frank, I love you man, in a NGW."
"Can you hold me in a NGW."
by SamPSG November 29, 2012
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