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Used primarily on message boards after a catchy title which usually says all you really need to say, so in the text box you simply put nft, thereby implying you've got nothing further to say and it's great when your letting off steam.
MESSAGE BOARD TITLE: george bush is a cunt

by izi January 14, 2006
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NFT: Normal For Tiverton. Medical abbreviation used by doctors to describe a patient displaying symptoms of extreme stupidity or features suggesting the patient comes from a very small gene-pool (e.g. webbed fingers or toes)
Patient had crayon surgically removed from nostril. NFT.
by zengintepe November 06, 2011
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N.F.T.s stands for Not For Trades. Sticker collecters use this word to show that a particular sticker is not for trading (exchanging stickers). Sticker collecters trade stickers when they want something particular from another. Trading is based on quantity, quality, size and fairness. Some sticker collecters have a N.F.T.s page which is a page full of stickers that are not for trading.
"That sticker is a N.F.T.s because I like it a lot"
by iatehsm May 25, 2008
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an acronym meaning "Naked FaceTime". When two people, possessing video-chat-compatible smartphones, have a FaceTime phone call while naked. Can also be expanded to "NFTIB", meaning "Naked FaceTime In Bed".
Girl: I'd love to, but i'm going back to Europe tomorrow.
Guy: That's cool I guess. NFT me.
by 1 Studly Muffin December 07, 2010
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Used primarily in computer games, most often Neopets, that means Not for Trade. Often used in conjunction with NFS (Not for Sale).
This item is my favorite.. it's nft so don't bid on it!
by pseudonym September 15, 2004
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"Now that your bed is so close to the wall, your nft will wake me up." -- actual quote
by Shiny September 18, 2004
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