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Non Caucasian Gash; an attractive woman of any racial classification other than white. Includes black women, middle eastern women and even hispanic women, but is most commonly used to refer to a woman of far-eastern extraction.

It is generally meant as a compliment, although some women see it as derogatory, misogynistic and offensive.
"Shit, check out the massive arse on that NCG. En see geeeeeeeeeeee!"
by matt_dawg February 10, 2009
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Nasty Cervix Checking Girl.
Girls who check their own cervix when pregnant and sometimes have been known to try to induce labor themselves.NCG's may use of EPO, Castor oil, Pam spray, steal amnio hooks.
NCG: Doctor I'm 4cm dilated already.
Doctor: How do you know that?
NCG: Because I am a NCG!
by Kiity Cat May 20, 2008
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Nice Catholic Girl: Although she has the appearance of a God-fearing young woman, beneath the surface lies a seductive pit of sexuality tinged with guilt. Sexy!
My Protestant/Jew senses are tingling. I needs to get with a NCG.
by Call_me_curious_georgia March 07, 2007
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No cuff gang
furthermore meaning: not wanting to be in a relationship or thing for whatever reason.
ugh JJ is so hot!! i wanna date but hes all for that #NCG :(
by Otis August 14, 2018
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