A black woman who engages in sexual relations outside of her race for self hating and or racist reasons. A black woman who consciously or unconsciously supports white supremacy through sexual relations with members outside her race.
This NBW is always online spewing anti black rhetoric.
by Henry Jamison April 30, 2018
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Basically is the abbreviation of "Naked Body Watcher", A person who likes to watch nudity in secret or in public....using any means such as wallpapers, blogs, videos, pictures...anything involving some naked people. NBW's also have a tendency to peek at peoples posteriors. Yes, NBW's are disgusting, but anyone around you can be an NBW. So beware
oh my god is your live wallpaper an undressed dancing lady? You are definitely an NBW!!
by glitterglamsparkles August 17, 2015
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1: nothing but win
TJ: "This guy called me an asshole so I punched him in the face!"
by christianrox February 5, 2010
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No Broken Wholehearted
Bruh, This girl really think that the fact she broke up with me, makes me NBW (No Broken WholeHearted)
by ErikNBW September 10, 2020
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