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An acronym that stands for: Never Before Midnight

This means that nothing important ever happens before midnight.

So you can do whatever you want, drink, eat, party, etc. But all the stuff you will really enjoy and remember will happen only after midnight.
Dan and his crew totals subscribe to the theory of NBM. They get together at night, hang out, drink and eat. But rage hard some time after midnight!
by gtbarry August 07, 2009
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Short for North Bethesda Middle School. A mostly white school located in the suburbs of Washington DC in Bethesda, Maryland. Dissipate the sizable Jewish and Minority population racism and antisemitism seem to permeate the air. The social groups include but are not limited too: Hype Beasts, Soccer and Basketball Jocks (only these two sports), Stoners (yes Stoners in middle school), Girls who think its okay to wear short shorts in 20 degree weather, Guys who think its okay Juul in class, Rich white kids who like to flex there 38th pair of shoes this month, a bunch of Asians kids that sit the corner at lunch, kids who are one insult away from snapping, Edgy Meme Lords, Communists, White kids trying to be black, Black kids trying to be white, and many many fights. It is truly a haven of hormones and autism.
Person 1: Hey dude did you here what happend at NBMS?
Person 2: *sigh* No, what did those tards do this time?
by RTFDD April 29, 2019
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National Basketball Minimation
J.Luis: huh?
Javier: NBM
Javier: I mean, NVM
J.Luis: uhmm okay. I was like wtf when u said NBM
Javier: lol, sure...NMB....National...Basketball.... Minimation?
J.Luis: o.0 wtf?
by joseluismb March 29, 2005
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SOME BULSHIT ASS SCHOOL WITH TOO MANY HOES SUCKIN ON BOYS SHORTER THAN MY IQ. Also has the worst middle school basketball team in history.
Y’all ever hear about that school nbms? They got a lotta hoes there.
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Natural Body Magic; also known as modularity. Sexual fantasy relating to being able to seperate body parts without death.
Dan discovered his fascination with NBM after watching a woman get sawed in half at a magic show.
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by RestingInPieces July 07, 2019
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Natural Born Memer

Someone who's lived a particularly memetic lifestyle.
1: Shit, that was pretty memetic.

2: Yeah, I guess you could say I'm an NBM.

1: Lol, you sound like a fag, what does that mean?

2: Natural Born memer. Fuck off.
by Octavius III May 31, 2018
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