Eric harris' and Dylan Klebolds's nickname for the columbine massacre. Taken from the movie Natural Born Killers
"Motherfuckin' NBK Reb!"
by Stephen E May 7, 2007
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Person 1: So, who was the last person you kissed?

Person 2: NBK :(
by CaptainSquirrelPajamas June 23, 2011
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usually a male; a person who has never been kissed; a virgin who denies it; a person who always gets lead on by girls; the "just a friend" type; a person who lies about getting with girls
Dan: Eh man, Saul told me he had sex with Katy last night.

Yosh: Wtf? Katy told me Saul tried so hard to get at her. She also said he was a virgin.

Dan: Fuh! That sucka is NBK!
by Pinche Dreamer February 12, 2009
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Abbreviation: NBK or N.B.K.

Short for Nobody Killa they kill nobodies & leave no bodies
How many of these do you know?
EBK - Everybody Killa
ABK - Anybody Killa
NBK - Nobody Killa
by Vallis Daemonum July 5, 2021
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The realest crew on this whole goddamn planet.
"ass yo u heard christian fucked wit nbk"
"oh shit man you know he dead"
by nick cerverizzo March 22, 2004
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one of the hardest,notorious, dangerous, blood thristy gangs in the world consisting of three main memebers Nick ceverizzo, Bigg-D, Keith murray
yo you hear that motha fucka will fucked wit da nbk?
oo shit you know his ass is dead
by keith murray March 22, 2004
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NOUN:natural born killaz,da most thugged out crew established in mid feb,03 by Bigg-D ,and looked over by da most shady,murderous niggaz in da industry Bigg-D(aka Dibo),Nick.Cerverizzo,and Keith Murray! also VERB::NBKed;knocked out ,beat down ,shoot at snuffed,gansta etc.
we hit em up NBK style baby !
dis bitch gon get hiz ass NBKed if he dont shut his trap pussy ass motherfucka!
by Bigg-D March 22, 2004
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