The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. It is composed of many nations from numerous walks of life. Its purpose is to enforce peace treaties in the North Atlantic and to use military force against violators of those treaties or of human rights.
by Nicolai April 10, 2004
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A military organization, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was formed shortly after WWII. It's members at the time included most Western European nations as well as Canada and the US. The purpose of NATO was that in case one of it's members was attacked by the Soviet Union or one of it's allies, the rest of NATO would go to war with that nation who attacked the nation that was part of NATO. Since the end of communist presence, NATO has turned to other problems. NATO has taken part in military actions in the war in Yugoslavia. NATO's actions in that war, including to NATO attacks on Bosnian Serb military targets, helped end the war in Yugoslavia. Even nations that were once part of the Warsaw Pact, such as Poland and Hungary, have joined NATO over the past decade.
NATO had taken part in military operations against Yugoslavia during the Kosovo conflict, mainly by launching air raids over Yugoslavia.
by Frank Fat Finger February 21, 2008
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U.S.: Come on guys, lets form a clique. Everyone in the world will want to be a part of it, but no one else but you guys are cool enough. Maybe some more people can join if they become more like us.

Other Countries: Okay, you'll help us out when we need it, right?


Other Countries: What do we call our clique? I mean, we cant be the emos or the preps...

U.S. Well call ourselves... NATO.
by i <3 chocolate cake March 12, 2009
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A group formed formed by certain countries in which military power is combined when one country is too wordincompetant/word to get something done
The 150-men tribe in South Africa are putting up a fight. Better call NATO.
by NightOwl July 02, 2003
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The Group of Countries banded together, like the United Nations, but more militaristic. NATO stands for North Atlatic Treaty Organization.
NATO's coalition force went into invaded Iraq. (I wish)
by Anonymous March 14, 2003
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Not Attached To Outcome. Used in the movie Nearing Grace.
1) The speaker does not care all that much what is happening with the listener.
2) The speaker trusts the judgement of the listener.
3) The speaker realizes that the situation is more important to/for the listener.
"It's up to you what you do. I'm NATO."
by TheSharpenedQuill December 14, 2008
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