A bad ass writer who stands tall against Wild Krooks on a daily basis, and also likes to indulge in patch work quilting when not piecing bully f.
Graffiti done by nato, this artist is famous.
by toooom November 15, 2006
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nato is a very cute, loyal, strong. adorable, fast and very huge but awesome dog. Everyone needs a doggy like nato he is the best.
,,OMGG, i love that dog! What's his name?''
,,His name is Nato.''
by bobbydoooo December 25, 2020
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A group of nosy scumbags who kill innocent civillians
Nato means north atlantic terrorist orhanisation
by NissanPatrol89 April 22, 2021
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No Action Transport Only. Refers to a guy attached to a group of females, usually no more than four.

The male is in love with one or more of the women, but, alas, ihs love is not reciprocated. The guy is used solely because he has a car, and the girls do not, so they lead him on and use him for transportation purposes only.
A: Look at Bob, hanging out with all those chicks.
B: Nah, man, nothing's going on, he's just NATO.
by bhalrog November 05, 2009
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