1.) One who considers turning left a sport.
2.) One who consumes Pabst Blue Ribbon while watching aforementioned "sport".
3.) One who has never heard of WRC, or otherwise cannot comprehend the sheer magnitude of WRC's inherent superiority over NASCAR.
4.) One who fails to realize that the automotive world is far bigger than just Ford, GM, and Daimler-Chrysler.
5.) One who takes offense when Dale Earnhardt Jr. is exposed as a media-whoring redneck bastard with no talent.
6.) One who may possibly have been or is currently in a sexual relationship with a blood relative.
7.) One who should be murdered on-sight, preferrably with a blunt object salvaged from a Toyota parts bin.
Shut up, NASCAR Fan, before I say something really mean.
by Ninja Disaster March 6, 2005
A proud dedicated person who enjoys the thrill and excitment of America's fastest growing sport.
Some fans spend a week or more at the race track, proving to be far more dedicated than any football, baseball or hockey fan.
Most are usually very easliy upset when people generalize them as 'rednecks' 'inbreds' and 'idiots'. Especially considering a large number of race fans are highly educated people that live in urban areas, ranging from age 1 to 99.

Listen folks, we are passionate people, and you can't generalize us, because we're all very different, we just share a love for an amazing sport.
Look at that NASCAR fan over there, with all her teeth, voting for a democrat, with no rebel flag in site.
by A Cute Female Race Fan May 14, 2006
nasty white trash who have nothing better to do than to sit in their trailor, get drunk and watch cars drive around in a circle.
difinition of nascar fan is self explanitory
by nannnnner December 28, 2005
fuckin loser with no life or sense of culture. They posess no real skills in life and it's funny because neither do Nascar drivers. They have no shame in wearing racing jackets to school concert's even though it embarases their kids.
Wow Sammy must get abused at home. I saw his dad wearing a Dale Earnheart jacket. What a bastard. Maybe we should adopt him so we can keep him away from that drunk Nascar fan.
by Nascar is for scum June 21, 2006
The lowest breed of human in the 21st century.
I saw a nascar fan eating out of a trashcan earlier.
by stevemanjulia September 19, 2007
Someone who is uncultured, lacks a full set of teeth, and votes Republican.
People that voted for Bush were most likely Nascar fans.
by raggy biotch October 3, 2005