acronym for Non Athletic Regular Person, usually used as an insult after a death check.
"Just like you have to keep the stick in the box for lacrosse, you have to keep your beer in the box. DEATH CHECK! NARP!"
by AverageLaxer April 17, 2010
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1. narps. n. nAArps - the theoretical term of a personally cursed nonexistent object.

2. narps. also used as an interjection.

origin. modern eastern american word concieved of various interjectory phrases of anger and inanimate cursing.
"Andrew I am so angry I could rip your fucking narps off!"

"Narps! Narps! Narps!"

"Oh narp it all!"
by The Narped Among Narpless December 17, 2009
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Nipples that are hard for no apparent reason.
She was just sitting there when she noticed she had narps.
by SodaGirl May 24, 2005
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(noun) Acronym for "Not A Real Person." Narps are characterized by traits that render them unidentifiable within a contemporary, cultural context.

A NARP has a higher chance of:
- Being a savant in something.
- Popping into random social situations.
- Wearing the same outfit every day.
- Uttering inappropriately timed comments.
ARP: But if that doesn't work, what's your Plan B?

NARP: I had to get Plan B once with this girl cause I had sex with her.
by super deely 2 April 16, 2011
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Acronym for Non-Athletic Regular Person.

Most often seen commuting from home to the University of Toronto.
Wow Jim is Narp-y.
by Scott Pippen November 05, 2016
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