Any black persons name can be re-named with "N." as the first initial of their name. This association is only to be used to relate the fact that this individual is a nigger or niggerish. This does not apply to a regular black person who acts like a decent member of society... Just someone who is "niggerish." Hence the spoken words of "N DOT", with the DOT reference to a period.
I hate that nigger Barry Bonds, so I refer to him as N.Bonds - I also hate the way Reggie Sanders swings... grrr that lousy N.Sanders, he is not a team player. I call anyone who is niggerish, I call them an N DOT.
by Andy May 22, 2006
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A two on one situation (2 women 1 man). The women lay on the ground but back to back so they are kind of on the back of their necks and their asses are in the air. The guy then has a choice of 4 holes in which to stick his fallace. He goes back and forth between holes without any regard for transferred juices.
Lyle Lovett got to dip n' dot the mother and daughter combo.
by Aaron Hong September 10, 2006
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1) Another, less conspicous way to say anal sex.

2) A delicious kind of ice cream scooped into little tiny balls, previously sold at McDonalds
1) Me and my girlfriend thought we'd try Dip n' Dots because we were getting bored.

2) Mmmmm! Dip n' Dots!
by ja4 September 20, 2007
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When you have such a long ball sack that when you sit on the toilet your balls touch water.
I was taking a crap at work today and I totally had dip n dots.
by pweb79 August 24, 2007
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When there is too much deodorant applied to the underarms and it rolls into little balls.
She lifted up her arms and her Dip n' Dots were exposed.
by Jablumama January 28, 2010
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When doing a girl in the ass, then you pull your dick out with poop on it, and slap her in the face, leaving poop marks all over her face.
"Turn around I wanna give you a Dip N Dot" Something only white boys can get freaky white women to do.
by T-Money and Joey P January 9, 2007
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showing ur boobs off while going downward

dip = going down
dots = ur boobs
That girl is Dip N Dots. You can totally see her boobs.
by Soph Soph && Sydni August 22, 2006
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