The quality or state of being that embodies a synergistic coalescence of curiosity, creativity, and tomfoolery, ideally experienced in the context of friendship and intended to bring goodwill to the universe.

From Rhett and Link's Book of Mythicality.
by EmKay 12 November 6, 2017
A mythical is a category of creatures who have paranormal parts or powers. Though wizards or sorcerers are not considered mythicals, there are mythicals like avians, mermaids, otherkin and many more. Many do not belive in Mythicals.
Mythicals are cool!
by Cold Fury April 8, 2019
Worthy of immortality and retelling through the ages. A step above "epic".
It took us 5 days of driving to make it to Los Angeles. It was mythic.
by Mr. McKenna September 22, 2010
The ONE TRUE WORD that is an Intensifier that is added to any word to take it's meaning to its highest power imaginable... yes that even tops the word "LEGENDARY".
CHUMP 1: Hiii Mr. Scottson, you smell LEGENDARY!!

Chump 2: Nah man, He smells mythical!
by larryfnj July 26, 2010
The state of the feeling that something is mythical.
An air of mythicality surrounded the beast.
by Neqyro October 5, 2013
Someone mythicates when he thinks he can lie and confabulate for a high purpose, but for a strange human psychological quirk, he ends up believing that those fantasies he made up are true. This happens more than often among political and religious movements leaders and thinkers.
Mythicate - When Rumsefeld declared that Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, he was mythicating thru his teeth.
by yoova October 5, 2006
Something that can be real in your mind, but isn't exactly true but it could be.
I can fear the Mythicalism in my mind and it's manipulative
by Jethro Death October 17, 2011