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This girl leaves a guy without words to speak. She has a beautiful smile and always knows how to make a guy laugh. She's beautiful and funny and smart, she'll never make you feel bad. People are only nice to people they find tolerable, but someone like her is far more than that, so she deserves all your time. She'll sometimes feel like she's far away, but she's always right there by your side.
"Myla is perfect."
by gabe ssss August 07, 2016
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Myla is the best person you want to be friends with she is warm sweet and helerious, she will always be there for you even thought you might thing she is not but she is, any guy would be lucky to have her and never let go. Myla can light up a room with her bright and positive attitude if I was you I would of get a Myla.
Have you seen the new girl
Oh my god yes she is one special Myla
by Keep on to Myla October 05, 2017
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A boss ass bitch who everyone loves. She is super funny and loveable. She can be annoying and ghetto at times. She tends to slay people who are rude to her.
Person 1- Oh my gosh, Myla told me the funniest joke today!
Person 2- Yes!
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by SlayGirl435 June 16, 2016
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1: supreme
2: Being perfect in power, wisdom, and goodness who is worshipped
3: divine Principle
4: person or thing of supreme value
5: a powerful ruler
"Did you see the new girl?''
"She's such a Myla, I just want her to Rule my world!"
by awe5ome0ne January 28, 2009
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She is nice kind and when someone gets her mad she may snap but she is human appreciate her and you are lucky if you have one she cares about everyone even if it doesn't seem like it
by Myla.rene January 30, 2018
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MY Love Affair; Commonly used as a cover-up phone entry such as ICE
I listed the girl I'm cheating on my girlfriend with as MYLA on my contacts list
by TruthBeTold1204 May 16, 2011
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Girl who is ghetto to the extreme. Born and raised in the "skreets". Believes everything is ghetto. Is in denial of her ghetto-ness
Speaks ebonics.
You: Myla, you are ghetto.
Myla: No, you is ghettoooooooo, foo
by notghettoperson April 08, 2010
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