This girl leaves a guy without words to speak. She has a beautiful smile and always knows how to make a guy laugh. She's beautiful and funny and smart, she'll never make you feel bad. People are only nice to people they find tolerable, but someone like her is far more than that, so she deserves all your time. She'll sometimes feel like she's far away, but she's always right there by your side.
"Myla is perfect."
by gabe ssss August 7, 2016
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Myla is pretty and she knows it. She is very active and funny but can get too much sometimes. She can also be a little bit bossy, stubborn and arrogant! But if you like an adventure, make sure you find a Myla
Let’s go on an adventure like a Myla.
Stop telling me what to do do, your not a Myla.
by BlueUnicorn101 July 17, 2018
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A boss ass bitch who everyone loves. She is super funny and loveable. She can be annoying and ghetto at times. She tends to slay people who are rude to her.
Person 1- Oh my gosh, Myla told me the funniest joke today!
Person 2- Yes!
by SlayGirl435 April 10, 2016
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The nicest girl you will ever meet!! Myla is such a good girl and the prettiest! 😍 if you ever meet a myla be friends with her! You won’t regret it she really knows how to have fun and is not a fake person. If anyone is mean to myla she is so nice she doesn’t want anyone to feel sad even if they hurt her feelings.
Guy: Who is the nicest person you have met?

Friend: Oh obviously Myla 🤩
by Popstopzstops October 18, 2020
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She is nice kind and when someone gets her mad she may snap but she is human appreciate her and you are lucky if you have one she cares about everyone even if it doesn't seem like it
by Myla.rene January 30, 2018
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Myla is an outgoing, bad ass that everyone loves. She may always think that nobody likes her, but that’s not true! She’s very attractive and any guy would be lucky to have a Myla as a girlfriend. Myla is super funny and will never let you down. Anybody would be lucky to have a Myla. Myla is amazing!
Chris: “yo, is that Myla”

Liliana: “yeah, she’s so amazing!”

Chris: “she’s all mine
by myladepaepehehe December 8, 2019
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A boss ass bitch who everyone loves she will get in fights if she has to she is supper getto and she thinks everything is getto she has kinda getto friends and she is supper funny she is super loud she is kinda disrespectful but she she loves herself she always says Myla rocks when she gets mad she snaps big time she is always there by her friends side when they don’t feel good she don’t care what people say. Myla rocks 😜
Girl-did you see that getto girl Myla?
Boy- Yeah she’s cute,Getto, and funny
by Unknow_Rocks April 29, 2018
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