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What can you say? Beautiful, smart, short (a cute short), and outstanding. Pale blue eyes, brown hair and a smile that stands out in a room full of clatter, negativity, and positivity. There's nothing that can distract you from her She'll top it all. Just when you think, "It can't get any better than this" well.. when Mykenzie grins and lets out the most wonderful noise to ever hit your ears (her laugh) I promise you she will continue to make your night, morning, afternoon, day, and life so so much better. While she may be loud, it is never the kind of loud you don't want. Once you hear her, you would not want silence ever again unless she was sleeping right next to you. But even then, you'll want to listen to ever note her breath let's out. Her legs will only make your legs weak from excitement, and her touch will make your heart pound till it got tired of pounding. Only Mykenzie will do that for you, and will continue to do that till the day you two never talk again. However, that day won't come when you come to realize that she is the one you need and crave. Mykenzie's personality, laugh, the way she moves, her gorgeous body and that wonderful feeling when she touches you can only be truthfully and correctly described with one word: Perfect
Person 1: Why haven't I felt this way before?

Person 2: Because you haven't met a Mykenzie until now
by She'sTheOneIWantNeed&Have June 16, 2017
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A ginger who likes to steal my cats soul. She likes this boy name faaaaaahhhhhddddd. She steals souls for a living (that's why she has so many freckles)
WOW do you see that Mykenzie! I hope she doesn't try to steal my soul.e
by TheSurvivorOfTheGingers March 07, 2014
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