In New York terms if you say my heart it means someone you deeply care about like a brother best friend family member or a significant other
by Snotty G August 28, 2022
Is brokwn
How’s ur heart
My heart is broke
by Alfoa June 21, 2019
something being so cute that their heart is melting. mostly used by girls.
That baby is so cute!! My heart!!
by ilovedogs45454 April 16, 2017
where space and time are relative / irrelevant
in my heart
by reformedpug December 2, 2016
"You are my heart" means that you are the most important person in the speaker's life. Without you, they would not be able to function, live, or carry on.
"You are my heart. If anything happened to you, I would not be OK. I would break."
by Peace, Love, and Faithfulness September 24, 2020
When you want someone to believe you, when you swear something.
Please, don’t tell anybody!
Of course, cross my heart
by Lord Vader December 29, 2017