Oh sorry i meant ex
My girlfriend dumped me because she thought i was ugly
by Hi peps October 01, 2020
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friend: you have a girlfriend?

me: ...yes.

friend: so you are dating a female woman who exists.

me: ....she does. my girlfriend lives in michigan.

friend: sure she does hunty
via giphy
by mia the gay September 26, 2019
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What, you’ve never met anyone named Ellie? Well, she’s the most beautiful, pure, kind, and sweet girl you’ll ever meet on this planet. From the moment you meet her you’re hit with the most amazing feeling that you can’t shake. Her eyes are piercing and so easy to get lost in. Her smile is enchanting and brings warmth to anyone and everyone who sees it. Not to mention her accent is adorable and really soothing. She’s unlike anyone you have ever met. She’s so unique, kind, sweet, selfless, and the best girlfriend any guy could ask for.
Have you ever met my girlfriend Ellie?

The most incredible, stunning, and kind girl on the planet? Yeah, I’m lucky!
by Targaryen Prime April 06, 2020
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