literally the best person in the world. she makes me the happiest person ever and I can't imagine how I deserve a goddess in my life.
I adore the most amazing, talented, beautiful person in the world, my girlfriend.
by literally the gayest whore eve January 30, 2020
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she is the saviour of all things sweet and gorgeous, the epitome of all things loved and treasured, and i wish so desperately that she could understand how important she is, for everything from the tilt of the earth to remembering to feed her cat. her great struggles will not go unrewarded, and until the day when i get to hold her forever in our own little home with 12 cats and 5 kids, i will write stupid poems and give her fleeting smiles from 6 feet away if it means i get to live it with her. i love her so much, internet. its incredible.
Person: hey, how great is your girlfriend?
Me: my girlfriend? she's just perfect.
by the author of LotJ November 30, 2020
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friend: you have a girlfriend?

me: ...yes.

friend: so you are dating a female woman who exists.

me: ....she does. my girlfriend lives in michigan.

friend: sure she does hunty
by mia the gay September 26, 2019
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something you would reject when editing urban dictionary posts.
Publish Jennifer Lopez because she's famous, but reject my girlfriend Sally
by veggieness April 05, 2005
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1) In the Urban Dictionary editorial guidelines, the very embodiment of the nonentity: "Publish definitions of Jennifer Lopez because she's famous, but reject my girlfriend Sally".

2) Fictitious girlfriend, invented in order to convince your friends that you are not gay or that a woman has found you attractive enough to want to be your girlfriend. See Canadian girlfriend.
My girlfriend Sally says she loves it when I do sex with her up the anal root canal.
by Sklooby March 19, 2008
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Adj., a Contemporary Christian Music (also called CCM) song that means to appeal to an audience outside of typical listeners of CCM by replacing "Jesus" with "You" in hopes of making the Christian content of the song less obvious to non-Christian listeners.
Creed pisses me off. They try to sound like a genuine effect of American counterculture, but it's just a bunch of Jesus-is-my-girlfriend music that Christians think is cowardly and non-believers see right through.
by nappy pappy May 04, 2008
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