My Name Jeff
My Name Jeff
by Poooo is yummy September 10, 2020
A meme thats used in such a way in which its not even funny anymore, never was, but is used in an ironic fashion that you feel really bad for laughing at such a meme
Guy 1: hey dude, My Name Jeff
Guy 2: hahah, oh fuck dude, great now i gotta go kill you and myself
Guy 3: My Name Jeff?
by Name Jeff is my name November 12, 2017
Probably the biggest meme of 2014 and 2015, influenced by Changing Tatum. In the year of 2017, it is refereed as one of the most gay and dead memes ever. When this meme is said, you are asking to be roast ed.
black guy: " who are you muthafucka, what yo name nigga?"

memer: "my name jeff"

black guy: *whips out gun "what you say nigga?"

memer: "my name jeff"

black guy : *opens fire
by Im a chinese nigga April 25, 2017
The Channing Tatum classic line from the movie '22 Jump Street', pronounced my name hëf. It has gone viral so there are plenty of parodies on the interweb. It is also commonly used to harass anyone called jeff.
Max: "What's your name?"
Joker: "My name's Jeff!"
by anal exibitions December 6, 2014
A rude way to tell someone you don't want to engage with them. Basically telling someone to fuck off.
Person 1: hey

Person 2: my name jeff

Teacher: did you do your homework?
Student: my name jeff
by Prelewddude April 2, 2018
The best most op meme on the planet or should I say the universe.
1:Whats your name
2:My name Jeff
1:your the best
by Lucca Jeffrey star May 16, 2021