The most acidic liquid known to man, only unable to burn through my testes
Monster Juice Addict: It is illegal for My Cum to leave my body, if i nut in some girl's mouth it burns a hole through her face in microseconds, but it tastes like monster juice

Girl : *salivating* come with me... for... science reasons
by monster juice addict June 14, 2021
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Some incel with his fucking dip-it packet who walks around wanting people to taste his semen
by MilfhÜnter69 May 21, 2019
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similar to the phrase "the kid is not my son", referring to how the kid came to be
Yo, Darcy is trying to make her be my baby mama, but the kid is not my cum!
by GlazeHer August 10, 2014
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A meme that blew up when peoe found sussy white stuff in kid shows
(beast boy from teen titans Go squirts milk at the judges of the talent show but male cows don't have milk) This is my kingdom cum
by The real press November 02, 2021
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There are two ways to use waste of cum.
1- In sub/dom relationships, you can call your sub partner a cum dumpster (a way to denigrate them). This frase is even worse. It can be interpreted that they aren't even worth being a cum dumpster. They are a "waste of cum". You can even add a "waste of my cum".
2- A way to refer to someone that is so worthless and useless that it's a waste that his/her/their father wasted their cum in making him/her/them.
"Come on love! Cum on my chest" "No, you bitch. You're a waste of (my) cum!

"You're such a fucking failure. You're a fucking waste of cum."
by You are such a April 03, 2021
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